If you are a parent, guardian, teacher or have anything to do with children please read on.
Children in Northern Uganda have to live with the knowledge that they will never have enough food to eat, a bed to sleep on, new clothes to wear, toys to play with or their own space.


They have to accept that no-one will bandage their wounds, no-one will provide an extra blanket at night and no-one will be able to give them a decent home.
They must endure the cough that racks their chests, the humidity that rots the one set of clothes they own and the rain that continually finds a way through the cardboard and plastic structure they live in.
They know that the woman taking care of them is not their mother, the brothers and sisters who live with them are orphans too. They live with the fear that AIDS/HIV will take this caring adult out of their lives too and then the eldest child in that group will have to become the head of the household.
They know they must never leave the IDP (Internally Displaced People) camps they live in to play in case the LRA (Lords Resistance Army) abducts them as they have, and are still, thousands of other children over the last 19 years that the war has been raging.

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