Making a difference

Freda has been raising money by giving talks to local organisations and one of her first aims was to get the children “off the floor” at night. It makes sense to buy things in Lira to distribute locally as it helps people as well as boosting the local economy.

A mattress @ £10.00
A blanket @ £3.00
A sheet @ £2.00

 Freda returned to Uganda and bought all these things locally, even going as far as using the local Boda Boda boys to transport the mattresses to the camps. 
The charity will keep on working in projects like this – helping people to get themselves out of poverty.  When we visited in March 2012, we went to see the nursery school for orphans which Freda set up through the charity.  There are two teachers there looking after around 20 orphans – the toys they’re holding are ones which were sent in the last container of aid to the hospital.
School for orphans
 The little girl on the front row, third from the left, is called Lorna –  she has a cataract in her left eye.  Thanks to a recent donation we’ve been able to send money to fund an operation on her eye.  Sadly, it’s too late to save her sight in the affected eye, but we can at least stop it from spreading.
We would like to twin the nursery school with a playgroup in the UK, to share experiences and build relationships.
Freda on a Boda Boda
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