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One brick at a time..!

Here’s the latest view of Margaret’s house in Lira – built with donations from supporters of The Oasis of Life.  We’re helping Margaret build the house she needs, which she can then extend to be the house she wants.

We have 2,776 bricks which have been laid by two builders and two labourers – the foundations have been laid, and the house is already taking shape.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the charity to make this happen – it’s a real life-changing opportunity for Margaret and her family.

The cost to date is 740,000 Ugandan Shillings – about £200 – the full breakdown is below

Materials                              Cost                        Transport

2,776 bricks                        277,600             80,000
3 trips of sand                     30,000                75,00
1 trip of hard core             25,000                20,000
Digging foundations         20,000
Offloading bricks               17,000
4 bags of cement               120,000             40,000
Labourers (for 2 days)    24,000
Builders (for 2 days)        48,000

Videos from the school!

Earlier in 2012, we went to the school set up by the charity in the grounds of Lira Cathedral.  Seeing the children happy and singing was a really uplifting experience – here are some snippets of them in action

Here’s the children singing ‘Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall, one named Peter, one named Paul..’

Another song they sang for us was in Lango – they’re pointing up to Heaven as they sing!

Finally, here’s one we all recognised, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’

There are more videos on the twitter feed too, and we’ll be bringing back some more videos soon.


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