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One brick, and another, and another…

The money you helped raise for Margaret’s house has really made a difference – every penny has been sent straight to Margaret, and here’s how she’s doing.  This house will have things which we might take for granted, but make a world of difference to Margaret: a door which locks, windows to let in light, a space to call her own.

Here’s where the last installment of money went

Timber                       286,800/=

Nails                          64,000/=
12 Iron sheets             336,000/=
One thousand bricks    100,000/=
Transport                    57,000/=
Burnt oil                       11,000/=
Rizes                            32,000/=
Bar saw                        10,500/=
Roofing and completing gables by 3 labours   180,000/=
TOTAL 1,077,300/=

That’s about £260  in sterling – so a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

One brick at a time..!

Here’s the latest view of Margaret’s house in Lira – built with donations from supporters of The Oasis of Life.  We’re helping Margaret build the house she needs, which she can then extend to be the house she wants.

We have 2,776 bricks which have been laid by two builders and two labourers – the foundations have been laid, and the house is already taking shape.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the charity to make this happen – it’s a real life-changing opportunity for Margaret and her family.

The cost to date is 740,000 Ugandan Shillings – about £200 – the full breakdown is below

Materials                              Cost                        Transport

2,776 bricks                        277,600             80,000
3 trips of sand                     30,000                75,00
1 trip of hard core             25,000                20,000
Digging foundations         20,000
Offloading bricks               17,000
4 bags of cement               120,000             40,000
Labourers (for 2 days)    24,000
Builders (for 2 days)        48,000

Videos from the school!

Earlier in 2012, we went to the school set up by the charity in the grounds of Lira Cathedral.  Seeing the children happy and singing was a really uplifting experience – here are some snippets of them in action

Here’s the children singing ‘Two little dicky birds sitting on a wall, one named Peter, one named Paul..’

Another song they sang for us was in Lango – they’re pointing up to Heaven as they sing!

Finally, here’s one we all recognised, ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’

There are more videos on the twitter feed too, and we’ll be bringing back some more videos soon.


£42,212 of medical aid going to Lira

Courtesy of Aid to Hospitals Worldwide our third container load of recycled medical equipment is on its way to Lira Hospital, in Northern Uganda.  It’s packed to the brim with a mixture of hospital furniture, uniforms, walking aids, and surgical instruments – even children’s toys for the physio department. 

Lira Hospital unloading recycled medical equipmentThe container left Felixstowe on 14th June 2012, and getting the containers over there is never easy.  There’s a world of form filling, engraving, and distribution challenges but the contents are so welcome it makes all the effort worthwhile.  If you’ve got some time to spare and would like to help, get in touch.

Married by the Bishop of Lira, Rev. John Charles Ordukami in St. Augustine’s Church

On 18th October 2008 Rodrick Brooks and I returned to Lira, Northern Uganda and were married by the Bishop of Lira, Rev. John Charles Ordukami in St. Augustine’s Church.

We had a most memorable time and can find no words to describe the kindness, consideration and love of all who attended and contributed to our day.

While we were there the consignment of hospital equipment which sailed from England in March arrived. It was greeted with great excitement by the staff – the ultrasound machine which was bought with donations was especially appreciated. We have begun collecting equipment for another shipment.

The ceasefire has been in operation since August 2006 and the camps have been disbanded, the people returning to their villages. The war lasted twenty years and many villages have to be rebuilt.

We visited the villages of Opelo and Ocukuro and after a meeting with the elders and villagers we agreed to help supplement the diet of the most vulnerable people by providing a sustainable protein source in the form of chickens, we purchased 100 point-of-lay chickens locally, thus helping the local economy,

There are many orphans who need educating and since returning to the UK we have had many requests to sponsor individual children at school. Whilst praying on this problem the Lord put into my head a vision of the new cathedral which is being built in Lira, it will seat a congregation of 3,000, inside this building there are many rooms. I would like to start a school for orphans using one of these rooms and this charity will support the salary of a teacher and equip one room for the childrens’ use. The education will be completely free, a basic education for all children is key to the future for Uganda.

I have been in contact with the Bishop of Lira and Rev. William Ongeng and received permission to begin formulating a plan of action and set the wheels in motion. The school will be to the glory of God and called St. Augustine Church School sponsored by the Oasis of Life.

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