James 2 verse 17:-
“Faith without actions is dead!”
Freda was touched by the plight of the people she met, “As I thought of the children in Ambalal camp I knew I had to bring a little joy into their lives so I began collecting soft, light toys that I could carry as luggage on the flight to Entebbe airport.”
“The north of Uganda is a difficult place to reach, the buses are over subscribed and poorly maintained so I needed transport from the airport to Lira, a place to stay and insurance (difficult to get for this part of the world). I thought I should also take a travelling companion – to my dismay I couldn’t get a flight, insurance or transport and I began to think that the project was not meant to be.”
“Then I ‘stepped out in faith’ and decided to go on my own, everything fell into place.
I emailed a pastor I had met previously and she offered me accommodation and I got in touch with an ex-Ugandan living in Canada who was travelling north at the same time and we shared the cost of hiring a car.”

“It was the best thing I have ever done, the looks on the children’s faces when they realised that they did not have to return the toys made it all worth while.”
“Seeing the joy a soft toy could bring into their lives I wondered what else I could do.”
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