One brick, and another, and another…

The money you helped raise for Margaret’s house has really made a difference – every penny has been sent straight to Margaret, and here’s how she’s doing.  This house will have things which we might take for granted, but make a world of difference to Margaret: a door which locks, windows to let in light, a space to call her own.

Here’s where the last installment of money went

Timber                       286,800/=

Nails                          64,000/=
12 Iron sheets             336,000/=
One thousand bricks    100,000/=
Transport                    57,000/=
Burnt oil                       11,000/=
Rizes                            32,000/=
Bar saw                        10,500/=
Roofing and completing gables by 3 labours   180,000/=
TOTAL 1,077,300/=

That’s about £260  in sterling – so a massive thank you to everyone who helped make this possible!

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