First Time Out

Freda first went out to Lira as a volunteer to give humanitarian aid in the IDP camps.  She distributed blankets, clothing and food to people on the verge of starvation, living without hope of relief or an end to their suffering.

The thing that touched her the most was the plight of the children – one set of clothes, no toys, no bed, no proper medical treatment, no schooling – absolutely none of the things we consider essential.
Freda recalls “I took some sweets which I distributed to children in Ambalal camp, one of the smaller camps around the town of Lira, about 100 children live there. They were astonished and so pleased, the sweets were red and white and they kept taking them out of their mouths to see the colour change! I have heard, indeed been told, by the more privileged society that you should not give the children a glimpse of the future they can never have.
Well I asked that question of a man who was brought up in one of those camps. He said, “Why not bring a little bit of magic into their lives? Why not give them a happy memory to look back on? Why not give them a different experience?
He appreciated every little thing that came his way which broke up the monotony of every day life, and these children are the same.
A little bit of happiness goes a long way in that situation.”
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