What’s next?

Uganda isn’t that far away, and there are lots of things you can do to help if you’d like to get involved.  So far we’ve already

  • Distributed recycled medical equipment to Lira Hospital
  • Raised money for a cataract operation for one of the orphans in Freda’s school
  • Imported flip flops made from recycled car tyres to sell in the UK and raise money
  • Started buying every other brick for Margaret in Lira to build her own house.

Next on our list of things to do are

  • Build the Malaria Diagnosis Clinic in Lira – with help from the Lent 2013 project
  • Buy African beehives to help local farmers produce and sell honey
  • Provide sewing machines and training
  • Provide laptops and permanent Internet access via the church

There’s plenty to do, so if you can offer any help we’d love to hear from you.  Every penny raised goes directly to the Ugandan people who need it most.  So if you have some time to help out, or would like to go and visit to help in person, get in touch.

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